Case Study

Bonobos & Email Aptitude Part III:
Building a Robust Opt-Down Strategy

Bonobos partnered with Email Aptitude so they could quickly forge several key strategic initiatives to drive more revenue from the email channel. Through this three-part case study, we have highlighted the following winning efforts:

The final segment of this case study series focuses on how Bonobos decreased attrition by 84% through a savvy opt-out saver with down-shift frequency options.

Part III: Build & Leverage a Robust Opt-Down Strategy

Great thought must be taken when building an opt-down strategy. Too often, retailers jump in head first, not weighing all the variables before building a preference opt-out webform. Making sure your program can actually adhere to and scale the desired send preference options in the opt-out webform is critical.

Bonobos and Email Aptitude followed these important guidelines when planning the opt-down strategy:

  • Offer send preferences that your program can truly follow. If a subscriber chooses to opt down to one email a week rather than unsubscribe from the program, you must meet this request without issue. Bonobos worked with Email Aptitude to build these opt-down segments in advance, ensuring they were automated via the webform and tested thoroughly.
  • Offer a select number of opt-down send preferences. Too many options can actually diminish the power of propelling a subscriber to opt down.
  • Use your content team to capture the essence and voice of your brand to ensure the options outlined in the opt-down form are as compelling and clear as possible. This is truly your last chance to embrace and entice subscribers. Bonobos and Email Aptitude collaborated with the brilliant Bonobos content team to create opt-down copy that exemplified the brand.
  • Roll live with version 1.0 sooner rather than later, knowing you’ll quickly uncover key data points that will drive optimization efforts for formulating version 2.0. Subscribers will quickly determine which opt-down preferences are the most effective in keeping them engaged with your program.

Below is the Bonobos opt-out form (at time of writing). This is displayed only if a contact intends to unsubscribe from the email list.

At this stage, a contact is already in the mode of unsubscribing. With the above form, however, Bonobos has consistently saved 25% of these opt-out bound subscribers, converting them into a lower-cadence frequency option and keeping them on the list. Combined with other efforts, including frequency modeling, Bonobos was able to reduce attrition by 86%.

With an increasingly competitive inbox landscape, it is pivotal for email marketers to strive for optimal performance of all program elements. Bonobos and Email Aptitude are in the process of building a world-class email program and are seeing strong steps in the right direction.