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From advanced email strategy to full-service management, our expert strategists help crush records for your program.

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Our advanced competitive email intelligence platform and other ESP-agnostic products help add value to any program.

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Email Aptitude is a leading email strategy firm based out of San Rafael, CA. ESP-agnostic and living & breathing all things email, we help top brands clients move the needle with strategic services, full-service management, and savvy technology.

Pro Services

Email Audit

With our Email Audit service we conduct a deep analysis of your email program; your process, metrics, strategy, data and other critical areas. We then analyze your business, industry, customer profiles and other key inputs in order to provide meaningful recommendations for email campaign enhancement. This process can be effective for improvement with relatively simple efforts to complex email programs.

  • Analysis of your current email marketing efforts, including process, metrics, and campaign data
  • Evaluation of your business, products and customer profiles
  • Detailed report of low hanging fruit, areas for short term improvement and long-term enhancement recommendations

Ongoing Strategic Support

With ongoing strategic support, you work with our email strategists who will help move your program in the right direction and will be available to advise your team. From helping to develop a priority plan and keeping your team organized, to reviewing metrics, advising on testing strategy, and providing strategic feedback on email design & architecture, we will help your team get more out of the email channel.

  • Leverage us for strategic input
  • Scheduled calls to go over project tasks and campaign reviews
  • Custom reporting and analysis
  • Your team handles tactical execution & management

Full-Service Management

With full-service email management, we lift the weight off your shoulders and take responsibility for ongoing strategy, testing, email deployment, and overall management of your email program. With every full-service engagement, we start with our Email Audit and strategic development process to ensure we are building an optimal framework.

  • We start with our Email Audit and strategic development process
  • We collaborate with your team on product/industry insight
  • We oversee all management, testing and deployment logistics, with hybrid options available
  • We monitor metrics to make campaign improvements


Advanced Tools

Our technology combines decades of email and digital marketing experience to provide advanced functionality that helps any marketer on any ESP improve their email program.

Rival Explorer™

Savvy competitive email intelligence

Search over 100,000 brands to garner deep insight into creative and sender trends. Filter by site name, keywords in subject or body, date range, send day, customer vs. non-customer emails, cart abandonment emails and more. Perfect for savvy marketers and design teams.

EA Rainmaker™

Triggered email based on any weather condition

Covering every US zip code, the patent-pending EA Rainmaker™ allows you to create automated triggered email campaigns for virtually any current or forecasted weather condition. A game-changer for maximizing weather's influence on purchase behavior.

Archetype IQ™

"Window Shopping" browse-abandonment automation

Archetype IQ™ provides powerful retargeting based on site activity. Easily create targeted campaigns based on URL, page visit count and more for granular email triggers at the product or category level.

Gender ID™

Gender prediction for deep segmentation

Gender ID™ looks at customer first name and cross-references against our massive hand-built database of male, female, and neutral names. Our system then appends a predicted gender to each email address.


Radical email list and revenue growth

Consistently capturing emails from 3%-18% of bounced site traffic, BounceExchange™ monitors mouse gestures and velocity in real-time to detect exit intent and present the visitor with a light-box email capture. 30-second install and seamless integration with any ESP.

  • These Tools are amazing. Bleeding edge platform that every high-level marketer needs to use.

    - Ryan Urban, Acquisition Game-Changer

  • Wow. The biggest program lift we've ever seen, plus amazing improvement in deliverability... and we're just getting started!

    - Kelly Rausch, VP Merchandising | Mercantila

  • The smartest group of email experts we've worked with. Amazing results and fantastic platform that has helped bring new life to our ESP.

    - Nikhil Behl, Founder/CEO | ZooStores.com

  • Email Aptitude has some of the savviest functionality we've seen in the space. A must-have and highly recommended tool set.

    - Joel Berger, CEO | Lenity Technology

  • Very helpful tools that have made our email efforts much stronger.

    - Bill Berg, Founder/CEO | FamilyLabels.com

  • We highly value Email Aptitude’s industry expertise. Their team and tools play a key role in our program’s growth.

    - Elizabeth Trongone Marketing Manager | Bonobos

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As one of the premier firms in the US focused on the email channel, Email Aptitude is on the bleeding-edge of all things email. Our team is made up of industry veterans and the new bright minds of email who work tirelessly to crush records for our clients through advanced strategy, full-service management, and savvy technology.

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